Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Top Stand Up!

So like many people, I love stand up comedy. To persue my love of comedians I have subscribed to several podcasts to find some really great talented people that aren't well known, but should be. I have a MASSIVE hatred for rubbish "comedians" that steal other peoples jokes with no credit, and just mess them up but are still considered gods for their "work". People like Andy Parsons take the work away from brilliant comics who really deserve a big break, but lets not get into that just yet.
So these podcasts I listen to are incredibly entertaining, and you should definately subscribe to them too. They are "Red Bar Radio" - http://redbarradio.com/ and Nobody Likes Onions - http://nobodylikesonions.com/ . I have been listening to these guys for about 3 years now, and still their performances are as hilarious as the first time I listened! I'll be updating more in due time, stay funny interwebs!


  1. I'm not usually a fan of of comedians but I'll be sure to give them a listen bro!

  2. just started looking into redbar, definitely worth the time

  3. I agree that comedians should be listened more


Favourite podcasts

NLO - Nobodylikesonions.com
RBR - Redbarradio.com
DistortedView - Distortedview.com
WMRadio - Wrecklessmediaradio.com